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Assisting humans and horses on how to connect for optimal performance and well-being.








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You become AWARE that connection is necessary.



Your INTEND to connect with your horse.



You PRACTICE the skills of connecting with your horse.

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You and your horse become connected.

The links of ConneXion explained.


The first and most important step is learning the two types of awareness essential in ConneXion for you to  achieve optimal performance with your horse.

Awareness is where we start. Without awareness, the efforts to achieve optimal performance with your horse through ConneXion will be difficult and the outcome discouraging. Awareness is not for the faint at heart, and we understand this from having experienced the process first-hand, and have the knowledge and patience to guide you throughout the process. 

There are two important types of awareness essential for Connexion with your horse to happen:

1. ConneXion Awareness - the knowledge or perception to recognize that connecting with your horse is imperative to achieve optimal performance.

2.  Rider Self-Awareness - conscious knowledge of one's own feeling, thoughts, actions, beliefs and the ability (this is critical for riders) to see one's actions and how they affect another (horse) from a 3rd party, non-biased, and compassionate perspective. This includes an often under-addressed and under-coached, keen sense of accurate proprioception.

When ConneXion Awareness and Rider Self-Awareness are established and understood then the process of connecting can begin and optimal performance realized!

The links to ConneXion explained.


The second necessary link is learning about and having intent to connect with your horse.

Where Awareness is the starting point for establishing ConneXion, Intent is a very close second priority step. 

Understanding and subsequently learning the art of intention in riding is the most powerful skill available to you. Intent is the most predominant aids of all the aids in horsemanship. Physical aids are helpless without an established ability to intend.

The reason intent is so important is because intent is the first aid your horse receives and responds to whether you are aware of it or not. In many cases, riders are unaware of the "un-intentional" messages their horse is responding to.

The links of ConneXion explained.


The third critical link is to practice the skills required to connect with your horse.

Learning the skills to connect with your horse, so that you can achieve peak performance requires practice, but not just any type of practice - deliberate and intentional practice, saute'd in the knowledge of horses; their anatomy, bio mechanics, natural responses, and emotions - combined with your self-awareness and proprioception abilities.

It's a lot of fun, and easy to learn through our program, because we break it down into segments that are simple to grasp for both you and your horse.


The links to ConneXion explained.


The fourth and final link is ConneXion and learning how to maintain strong links in the bond.

The personal experience of discovering and creating a profound ConneXion, through awareness, intent, and practice will be beyond anything that you could have ever 

imagined, and will radically transform your way of being and relating to your horse, yourself and the world.

Our guideline to achieve the summit of the ConneXion state is made of these qualities, because it requires a sense of duty to the horse, oneself and our surroundings.

The state of ConneXion, in it's final form, is not one of "forcing, jamming, doing to the horse" aids, and merely receiving defeated resignation from the horse.

Reaching the ConneXion state is not about riding harder, and pressuring more,  but being able to stop all of these main stream techniques…with "being" connected to your horse.

The process is one that is made of introspection, compassion, and courage. Governed with "clear thinking”, the process results in horses who are mentally and physically sound that eagerly, and with confidence, offer the movements and behaviors you have helped them learn.

It is about who you are 'being' as a rider, competitor and member of the horse community at large.


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