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They are part of your family which is why we make them part of ours.




Our full service muzzle to hoof boarding services will give you and your owner peace of mind.

Our team of specialists ensure the best is brought to you and your owner with every touch.

Danny With Saddles.jpg

Partners since 2006

Saddle Fitting and Supplier Expertise

Our in-house Saddle Expert is provided by Danny Kroetch, international saddle fitting expert and creator of the air ride, fully adjustable, custom DK line of English and Western Saddles

Rider at CSC have the unique opportunity to have in house access to Danny's care and attention. 

Phone: (403) 240-3945

DK Logo.png

Danny Kroetch

hand touching horse ,equine assisted lea

Partners since 2007

Equine Physio with Tina Snyder

Our in-house equine therapy services for boarded horses are provided by Inhand Equine Therapy, and the compassionate hands of Tina Snyder. Tina is at the stables on a regular schedule to care for your horse. 

Phone: (403) 819-1691

Tina Snyder Watkins.webp

Tina Snyder

Veterinarian exam horse with stethoscope

Partners since 2011

Veterinary Care with Dr. Hewlett

Our in-house veterinary care is provided by the vet team at Energy Equine. 

Our boarded horses are on a regular vaccination, de-worming and teeth care schedule.

Phone: (403) 700-0818

Dr. Hewlitt.jpg

Dr. Chad Hewlett


Partners since 2017

Farrier Care by Joseph Goble

Joseph Goble is a Certified Journeyman Farrier with the American Farriers Association. He offers boarded horses shoeing and trims including keg or handmade shoes, both hot and cold fit.

Phone: (778) 922-3205

Farrier Carousel 2.JPG

Joseph Goble

 Horse Boarding Service Packages

20 x 60 INDOOR HEATED ARENA               20 X 60 OUTDOOR DRESSAGE COURT                RIDING TRAILS                    SPACIOUS TURN OUT


Indoor Stall + Turn Out

3 feedings/day

Tack Locker

Trailer Parking

Minimum 1 lesson/wk

$900.00/month + GST


Outdoor Stall + Turn Out

2 feedings/day

Tack Locker

Trailer Parking

Minimum 1 lesson/wk

$600.00/month + GST

For all Boarding Packages - lessons are charged separately by CSC, and farrier, vet, and other services are invoiced directly from the provider.

See message below.


Outdoor Paddock w/Shelter

2 feedings/day

Tack Locker

Trailer Parking

Minimum 1 lesson/wk

$450.00/ month + GST



Turn Out


Horses get to stretch their legs and feel the sun daily.

They are fed, blanketed & turned out, in most weather conditions, daily from ~8:00 am - 3:30 pm.

Turnout can be individual, semi private or group.

Owners are required to supply 3 weights of blankets.



Multiple small meals helps the digestive tract and activates the mind.

Indoor horses are fed 3 times per day, and outdoor horses are fed 2 times per day.

Owners supply their own supplements and medications.

Owners feed outside horses supplements.

Stall Care


Daily stall cleaning and disinfection provides your horse with a healthy environment.

Stalls are equipped with soft stall matting and the stalls are bedded accordingly.


Crystal Board Security.png

24 /7 onsite security gives you peace of mind.

PM check includes a snack for indoor horses, inspection and stable lock down nightly at ~10:00 pm.

The arena is closed at 9:30 and the barn is closed at 10:00 pm.

ConneXion is our objective.

Lessons and Training Services are booked separately from the Boarding Services in an effort to customize programs to fit your time, goals and budget. 

The base price for all horses boarding at CSC is Board Services + One Small Group priced ($75.00) lesson/week (not to exceed 4 group lessons/month) for EACH horse boarded at CSS.  

The reason for this is to ensure we remain steadfast in our value of continued education for our horses and riders, and to maintain consistency and support for one another in our barn culture. 

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